Appellant's Brief Regarding  Rehearing En Banc

Victorious 9th Circuit Reversal of Aviation Precedent

Stuart Starry has experience in most procedural and jurisdictional situations -- with both complex and simple fact patterns.  

Motion to Compel Production of Documents (crime-fraud exception)

Insider Trading Case against Computer Company

Plaintiff's Original Petition (Complaint) in Product Liability Case

Aircraft Damage Case in Texas State Court

Memorandum of Law regarding  Choice of Law

Product's Liability Class Action - Alabama State Court 


Supplemental Summary Judgement Response in Anti-Trust Case

Funeral Industry Dispute in Texas State Court


Federal Summary Judgment Response in ERISA case

Case Against Famed Investor, Carl Icahn

Writing Samples

Law and Fact

Legal Writing


Summary Judgment Response in Personal Injury Case

Premises Liability Case in Texas State Court


Response to Special Exceptions

Land Erosion Case in Texas State Court

Response to Motion to Exclude Evidence

Lost Profits of Air Charter Service in Texas State Court


Summary Judgement Response in Land Erosion Case

Dispute with Rail Road in Texas State Court