"Reading maketh a full man,

conference a ready man,

and writing an exact man"

Sir Francis Bacon  (1561-1626)

Law and Fact

Legal Writing

Terms and Rates


I work exclusively with licensed attorneys, and do not accept pro se clients.


For my experience and skill level, my rate is stunningly low:  $125 per hour.  I require a retainer to be paid (usually by wire transfer, or credit card) into my trust account prior to commencement of work.  Depending on the project, my retainers range from $500 to $5,000.   I will bill against the retainer and return any unused balance.  


Because I live and work in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, the surest and most-efficient way to initiate your project is to e-mail me at stuart@starrylaw.com (see the Contact tab above).  In your initial e-mail, please provide your phone number(s), and when you can be conveniently reached.  Likewise, if your project is on a short time frame or urgent, please telephone me until you reach me at (713) 252-1415.


Some clients prefer to provide me with an e-mail which spells out exactly the task they need accomplished, and which includes all relevant exhibits.  However, most favor a telephone conference, in which they map out both the nature of the case and the desired assistance, and can respond directly to any questions.  While either method is fine, my belief is that an initial phone call often helps reassure clients that their project is in good hands.


Regardless of whether you prefer to communicate by e-mail or phone, the essentials I’ll need to get started on your project are the following:

(1)   A Deadline: 

Be sure to let me know the date by which your project should be completed or filed.  I am a stickler for timely completion of briefing.  You can rely on my commitments for completion dates and time. For that very same reason, I will not commit to urgent requests that are far beyond reasonable ability to schedule. I must be able to complete current projects and honor my commitment to all other pending client-deadlines.

(2)   Desired Work-Product Form:

It is important to know precisely what type of end-product you desire.  As to motions, most clients prefer a 100%-ready-to-file document, while others like to handle the final draft themselves.  Similarly, as to research questions, some attorneys merely want a rough & ready overview, while others desire a formal, polished memorandum that they can present directly to their own clients.  Again, either method suits me fine: all that matters is knowing your preferences in advance.

(3)   Relevant Exhibits:

In the great majority of assignments, clients find it helpful to forward me relevant documentation concerning their case.  This is most easily done via e-mail attachments or, where large amounts of hard copy are involved, via Federal Express.  I can also e-mail a DropBox link for file transfer, once a project is underway.