"Once you became involved...things moved along very quickly."

Real Estate Firm thank you letter. 

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"I was proud 

to have my name on it!"

Co-counsel in class action appeal

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What Co-counsel
 say about Stuart's work:

"Stuart did a fine job"

Co-counsel in 5th Circuit Aviation Appeal

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"these guys knew

that you meant business"

Co-counsel in lightning-strike death case

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"Your latest briefing effort was the 

jewel in the crown."

Co-counsel opposing class settlement.

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" of the best jobs I've ever seen on a complex pleading...​"

Co-counsel in securities fraud class action

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"You did your usual excellent job."


Co-counsel in multi-party product's liability action.

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"Please convey to Stuart how pleased we are with his good handling"

Insurance Client in Aviation Appeal 

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These compliments regarding the quality of Stuart Starry's writing and case handling do not mean that high quality writing

will always lead to successful results.

Results will also depend on the facts of your client's case and the laws that apply at the time.  

"how pleased we are"

Airline claims manager

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