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Trial proceedings are about two things:  fact and law. Failure to rigorously apply every theory to the facts can be costly.  It may even result in dismissal.  From standing and jurisdictional challenges to motions for summary judgment, Stuart has experience in all phases of the litigation process. Finding the most powerful points of contention takes experience and intellectStuart Starry has both.

See Writing Samples. Stuart can position your case for the best result and a grateful client.

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Stuart Starry is responsible for the content of this website. "Law and Fact Legal Writing" is an internet site label for research and writing performed by Stuart Starry, an attorney licensed in Texas (Bar No. 19079050).  Stuart Starry, Attorney at Law has his principal place of business at 35 Ruebens Road, Sandia Park, NM  87047.  

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If another legal writing site depicts experienced attorneys working at their desks, make sure that your project will not be "farmed out" to a recent law school graduate.  With Stuart Starry, you will never pay a "markup" and you will always get what you paid for:  A well-respected attorney who is highly skilled at legal research and writing.   

Stuart Starry is an AV rated, preeminent attorney with more than 17 years of trial and appellate experience.  He has written extensively for both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts.  His work-product has been highly praised by his peers and those using his services.   To see what others have said about his work product, click here.


Issues not noticed at trial can make the pivotal difference on appeal.  Recognizing important hidden issues requires an open mind and creativity. Stuart  Starry has significant experience in finding winning issues and bringing them to the forefront. His method is to craft a concise, yet thorough and intelligent presentation for the Court.  Co-counsel and clients have praised him for his appellate briefing prowess.  See References.  

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Don't Entrust Your Client's Case to an Undisclosed "Baby" Lawyer! 

Discovery requests are important.  Poorly crafted requests can result in failing to find the trial-winning evidence.  Mastery of known facts should always precede the drafting process.  Then, and only then, can one truly define the "scope" of relevant discovery.  If your opponent refuses to produce what is requested, you will then be well positioned for the inevitable motion to compel.   Well crafted discovery is an essential element of trial level victory.

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